This blog is our online course hub. It contains instructions and readings, and (as you write them) your blog posts. Below is some introductory information to help you navigate this website.


You can navigate this blog in several ways. First, you will see three menu options in the header. By using the dropdown menus, you can access instructions for various assignments, or descriptions of each unit. These unit pages include readings, questions, and assignments. Finally, you can select “Blogs” to see a page containing all student blogs.

You can also navigate using the widgets at the bottom of the page. Here, you will see a list of tags, links to recent comments, and links to recent posts.

Finally, you can scroll through the page manually. At the top, you will see a “featured” post at the top (this is the post you are currently on), followed by new posts arranged from most to least recent. I will “feature” the post describing that unit’s readings, questions and assignments during each unit.


This blog uses tags to sort posts. Tagging posts makes it easier for readers to find your posts. This is important both for my ease of grading, and for your fellow students’ ability to comment on your posts.

When you write blogs, make sure you tag appropriately. Each blog should be tagged with “Blogs,” as well as the relevant unit or film. If you are writing an extra-credit blog, tag it with “extra-credit.”

You may also wish to include additional tags. If there’s something specific in the blog you want to draw attention to via tagging, feel free!

Up Next

For our next class, leave a comment on this post describing what you hope to get out of this class, and what interests you about history and psychology.

Instructions for using WordPress are available here.

Your first film blog is due on August 29. Instructions for the film blog are available here.

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