Unit Blogs

This course contains 9 units. You are expected to write blogs (approximately 500-750 words) on 4 of these units. Blogs should discuss one or more themes from the unit, and should refer back to our readings. You may also choose to draw in outside research, such as readings from other courses you’ve taken or things you’ve read on your own. At least 2 of your unit blogs must come from the first half of the class, but you are otherwise free to choose which units you write on. Blogs are due the Tuesday after we have completed the unit. These blogs will be visible to your classmates and students are expected to comment on other students’ blogs throughout the semester.

Due Dates

  • September 5: Asylum blog
  • September 17: Theories of Mind blog
  • September 24: Brain & Nerves blog
  • October 1: Testing blog
  • October 10: Treatment blog; you must complete at least 2 unit blogs by this point
  • October 22: Psychology in/and/as Politics blog
  • November 5: Research & Ethics blog
  • November 14: Subjectivity & Bias blog
  • November 21: Anti-psychiatry blog

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